K o l l e k t i v

N o r d s t a d t


You Silence I Bird


Based in Hannover and Braunschweig YOU SILENCE I BIRD’s debut album TILIA has sprung out of the collective creation of Jonas, Paul, Hendrik and Moses. Using their friendship to their strength, each band member contributes a unique element to their folky and festive sound.

Well, Jonas and I, Paul, started the band in Braunschweig, when we were still in school about 5 years ago. It was a time when both of us started creating our own songs. While Jonas was more into Indie music - music that I didn’t know at that time - I was more into Singer-Songwriter artists like Jack Johnson and Ben Howard.

Hendrik, our bass player and a great songwriter and guitar player himself, was one of my best friends even before I met Jonas and Moses. We attended the same school and started playing guitar together. Both of us fell in love with the string instrument. We often found ourselves sitting in the “Gifhorner Heide” where we played our first riffs and sang for the first time. That was when we were 16 years old.

It´s quite funny, Moses and Jonas actually had their first guitar lessons together. They attended the same school that I would later go to without knowing them beforehand. We would soon get to hang out and find that we have similar views and ideas when it comes to music. We´ve played almost 200 concerts ever since we founded YOU SILENCE I BIRD. While the first ones were mostly in Braunschweig and the surrounding area soon after we were playing all over Germany.

I think the inspiration and motivation for our music was and still is strong friendship. Through music we communicate, we feel we hold on to something similar. Music is the medium that enlightens our friendship and it is fascinating that we can reach people with our expression of togetherness and our feelings.

We are looking forward to present our debut album TILIA to our friends and supporters. TILIA symbolizes our connection to nature as Tilia stands for “lime trees”, in German “Linden”. It is both a homage to the beauty of nature and on the other hand a connection to the base of our music which is now in Linden, an alternative suburb of the city Hannover.

We´ll play several concerts nationwide with our debut album Tilia that will be officially released on the 24th of March of this year. On the 19th and 20th of May we´ll play the last concerts of our tour which will be in Braunschweig, Haus 3 of Staatstheater. (Photo: Sebastian Weiß)

Aud Syn


AUD SYN’s first album 'Monday Madness' embodies the everlasting afternoon. It mimics the feeling of sitting next to that half cracked window in your friend´s apartment - those hazy days. Sitting down with AUD SYN in his Braunschweig studio, we got a glimpse into his approach, his plans and his mantra.

How did you start? I started playing guitar at the age of 14. Songwriting when I was 17.

Where do you find Inspiration? In listening to music. I listen to music a lot. And hanging out with friends.

How do you motivate yourself? It's just fun. I love making music. So it doesn’t feel like I need a lot of motivation.

How do you limit yourself to one style? I have a few production notes glued to my desk. It’s mainly about limitation.

Do you think you’ll always do music? For sure.

Do you think there are benefits to being an undiscovered artist? You don’t feel so much pressure. I'm producing music and I play gigs but only if i feel like doing it. If I spend a month hanging out with friends on the couch that's alright too.

What are you trying to reach? Not sure.

What would be cool for this year? A Festival gig in the summer would be great.

How does your environment support your art? Almost all of my close friends are connected to art and music. I feel like we’ve been very supportive through the years. Everyone cares about other people's projects.

What's your priority producing or performing? I am definitely more into production and songwriting. But live is fun too.

Favorite way of making a song? Finding a nice riff on my guitar, getting vocals done, production with audio engineer Henry Uhl.

How long does it take till you are sick of your songs? I don’t get sick of them. I’m just getting used to listening to them and at some point i don’t think about it too much.

How often do you feel like quitting? I know the feeling of wanting to do something else. A different project, another style of genre but I never feel like i want to quit making music.

How do you celebrate your songs? You know, when we’re in the studio and an idea turns out to be what i think is a good song then I’m getting very excited. We are having some drinks, having a laugh, invite some friends.

Noah Klein


The unpolished sound of Noah Klein’s latest release captures elements from his time in London and Berlin. Born of the same sub-culture but all-together a different experience, it is a direct counter-point to the fast paced beats of techno. The outlandish and almost cosmic sounds are driven by offbeat baseline and dreamlike synthesizers.

…on writing
Noah Klein relies on a minimalistic setup to produce his emblematic way of creating music. To find flow in writing, Noah restricts himself to a rigid set of instruments, working solely with electric guitar, MIDI pads, and analog synthesizers. The balance of computer generated sounds (clean and high quality) with live instruments (which add roughness and authenticity) create the intense nature of Noah’s latest project.

…on recording
After experimenting with professional productions he found that the best representation of the sound he wanted to convey was actually captured in his home studio. The rough and imperfect cuts captivate the uncompromised soul of the idea - and in many cases are the original snippets from that initial ‘lightbulb' moment.

…on performing
When asked about the key to a solid performance, Noah tells us that for him, this has already been considered in the writing process. What helps him to finish songs, is the conscious decision to limit the amount of instruments and think how the songs are going to be reproducible live. Even though there are electronic elements, Noah writes them in a way that they could be played live using MIDI pads and analog synthesizers. This minimalism creates more room for the songs to breathe and dynamics in the performance. Creating with the performance in mind, he is able to transcend the intended experience live.

…on what’s next
Noah will be narrowing his sights on Berlin this upcoming year with a potential German tour and looking to integrate a few festivals into his lineup.

Keep an eye out for Noah Klein this year and make sure to take a look at his work available on SoundCloud and Instagram.